• Product Name: Single Frequency Preset Stethoscope

Composite Material - Auscultation head made of gold-plated copper and aluminum alloy is reduced in weight by 1/3 and ensures excellent hearing effect.

With gold-plated copper process(24k gold), the sound-collection cavity can convey sound clearly


Innovative Silicon Tube - Extremely flexible conduction made of silicon feels soft, smooth and resilient.

The conduction can fold easily and fits in your medical garment


Ultra Comfort Earbuds - The outline structure of the earbuds achieves a high level of compliance with auricle which can effectively insulate external noise to ensure sensitive sound and give you ultra comfortable feeling after long time wearing



Function: Preset Frequency

Binaural Construction: Single Lumen

Chestpiece Type: Single Head

Chestpiece Material: Gold-Plated Copper(Interior) + Anodized Aluminum (Exterior), Black

Chestpiece Weight: 1.54 Oz / 43.7 g

Chestpiece Size: 2.1 Inch / 51 mm

Diagram Material: Epoxy / Fiberglass

Conduction Tube Material: Epoxy / Fiberglass

Conduction Tube Material: Silicon

Total Length: 32.5 inch / 82.5 cm

Nets Weight: 4.7 Oz / 133.0 g

Earbuds Material: Silicon